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Sigma for Web Analytics

Data Challenges in Web Analytics

Every business has a website. For many organizations, the website goes beyond being an information hub: it is the core of the business. Revenue runs through the website, meaning the importance of tracking the data cannot be overstated. The website is also emerging as the integration point for multiple enterprise applications. Google Analytics can provide insight into website usage, but it’s insufficient for aggregating data from all the other applications and data sources used to operate a web-related business. And Google Analytics, while an important tool, does not qualify as a full-featured business intelligence system.

The teams responsible for analyzing and reporting all the data running through the website have a variety of tools at their disposal, but the tools can fail at looking at the data comprehensively. The teams that need to bring all their data together often lack the coding skill necessary to do in traditional Business Intelligence (BI) tools. Teams typically resort to aggregating data manually in an Excel spreadsheet. But this is a highly manual process that takes time to do, and time to repeat so that data stays up to date. Less vital data can be left out simply due to limits of spreadsheet programs, and the reality of looming deadlines.

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