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Sigma for Self-Service BI Analytics

Data Challenges in Self-Service BI

Organizations today face a data glut—but the ability to turn that data into insights continues to be stuck behind technical barriers. Business experts are skilled at using spreadsheets and charts to perform business analytics, but these tools are limited in scale, they can’t plumb the full depths of an organization’s data, and they create a hole in a company’s security architecture. The Business Intelligence (BI) tools able to handle big-data queries, semi-structured data, and other sophisticated analytics capabilities demand high degrees of coding skills.

Current BI solutions need a skilled developer to set up and maintain the system. Business experts only have access to a small part of the data within the BI tool, confined to graphs and tables focused on answering questions the system architect thinks they may have. Additional questions that need more data can take months to be answered, if they are answered at all.

What business experts lack are self-service tools they can use to explore all the data in their organization’s data warehouse—easily and quickly—to achieve the BI insights they need to propel their businesses forward.

We are rewriting the rules of analytics. Sigma empowers domain experts to join the data conversation, answer the toughest questions, and drive insights.