Next Generation Analytics for Cloud Data Warehouses

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Cloud technology opens up possibilities for analytics that were previously unthinkable. The technology to store data has advanced beyond our current solutions to access the data. With Sigma’s next generation cloud analytics solution, that is changing.

Learn about Sigma’s familiar spreadsheet interface and how it exposes the full power of modern cloud data warehouses to all of your users, without anyone needing to write code.

See Sigma’s Next Generation Technology Sigma is built for the cloud, and harnesses the technology to give you and your teams the elastic compute power of modern cloud data warehouses combined with the quick understanding they’d get from a spreadsheet. Cloud databases adapt to your access needs and allow you to open your data for analysis across the organization. Sigma removes the need for complex code to access and analyze the data, making it truly accessible.

See Sigma’s revolutionary visual interface in action. We’ll pull over 7.5 million rows of data directly from the cloud warehouse and then analyze the data, finding the top three customers by year. See how Sigma can handle everything including grouping, aggregation, correlated sub-queries, and window functions, all with simple drag and drop commands and basic functions.

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