Cloud BI & Analytics For Everyone

Answer the toughest business questions without writing SQL.

Go All In on the Cloud

Say goodbye to stale data extracts, broken dashboards, and desktop programs. Sigma lives in the browser and blends the ease of the spreadsheet with the power of the cloud—all without the need to write code. Keep your data in the warehouse where it’s always accessible, secure, and fresh.

Never Wait for Insights Again

You shouldn’t have to wait days or weeks for answers. Sigma lets you leave the endless analytics reporting cycle in the dust. Connect to your warehouse in minutes and start analyzing billions of rows of data—including JSON— using the full power of SQL and the cloud. Insights are always at your fingertips, and no question is off limits.

“Sigma is like working in a spreadsheet with the power of Snowflake—giving our business experts access to the compute power of the cloud but with the freedom they'd get from a spreadsheet. Sigma opens up the true value of our data.”

Aash Anand, Data Analytics at Lime

Model the Data of Your Dreams

Sigma’s visual data modeling layer provides an intuitive way to build central definitions and guide data exploration, so business experts can thrive without constant help from the BI team. Keep everyone on the same page with contextualized starting points for analysis that ensure everyone is speaking the same data language. Sigma is your central source of data truth.

Get to the Right Answer, Together

Analytics is a team sport. That’s why Sigma supports unlimited users and cloud pricing so anyone can explore data and access insights on demand. Create individual or shared workspaces for teams, set permissions, and add new users as the company grows—while only paying for what you use.  Sigma makes it easy to collaborate, build on existing analyses, and unlock answers to any question, together.

Up Your Analytics Game

With Sigma, you’re never in the dark. It’s cloud BI that’s easy enough for anyone to use, and powerful enough to answer the toughest questions. Use Sigma’s intuitive spreadsheet-like interface to explore cloud data, build visualizations & dashboards, and share reports across your entire company. Sigma takes care of the code ‘under the hood’ so that users can focus on getting answers—without needing SQL. Welcome to real self-service analytics.

Sigma Plays Well With Others
Every Team Speaks Sigma
Business Intelligence & Data

Reduce reporting queues, dashboard and data model update requests, and facilitate better collaboration between business and data teams.


Monitor cyberattacks and cut alert fatigue with reporting accuracy you won't find with traditional cloud-based SIEM products, all at a price point that doesn't break the bank.


Accelerate financial analysis and reporting with a single cloud BI platform that combines the ease of the spreadsheet with the power and flexibility of the cloud warehouse.

Sales and Marketing

Centralize sales and marketing data from outside SaaS platforms, lower license costs, and empower entire teams with self-service analytics and reporting.

Product & Engineering

Improve customer experience with a complete perspective on user behavior by unifying collected data and analytics in a single BI environment.


Create a central hub for operations teams and partners to explore data, visualize trends, and gain insights at a fraction of the cost of other analytics tools.

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