Product Overview

Putting Data in Your Users' Hands

Now Everyone Can Use Your Data

Give your business experts access to data with a familiar spreadsheet interface.

Stay In Control of Data

Improve your data governance by removing the need for desktop tools. Keeping data in the cloud and off of user’s machines improves the visibility and access to data analysis.

See Cloud-Native Analytics in Action

No Coding Required

Instant access to your data without anyone writing a single line of code. All users have the same potential to access and analyze data in our visual interface. No need to switch to SQL to perform complex analysis.

Unlimited Users

No more argument on who gets a license. There's no limit on sharing and collaboration. Build on your own work—or the work of others. Add as many users as you want, and pay only when you're generating insights.


A spreadsheet-like interface you already know. Get the organization up and running in minutes, and users trained just as quickly.

Leverage Your Cloud Warehouse

Work on your data in the warehouse, where it’s live, fresh and secure. Never extract data. Work on billions of rows with ease.