Visualize Your Data

1. To create a chart, click on the tab with the chart icon on the far right of the screen.

2. Click + to add a chart.

3. Choose the type of chart to create.

4. Drag your data to the correct axis.

5. Use Color By to change the color on the graph based on data.
– When creating a line graph, you’ll create a multi-series line chart using the Color By field.
– When creating a bar chart, Color By will influence the display color of the graph or create a stacked bar graph.

6. Easily change the formatting of the data, the sort order, or which axis the data is graphed on by clicking on the arrow to the right of the data being graphed.

7. Click Format to change the chart title, update axis labels, add a reference line or trend line, and make other changes to how the chart is displayed.