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Explore your data warehouse using the SQL Runner, which lets you enter in any SQL query and see what the results will be.

If you have access to write SQL against your data connection, you will see a link to the SQL Runner in the left hand navigation panel.

Once you open the SQL runner, use the drop down menu to choose which connection to run your SQL against. Once you choose a connection, a tree lets you explore the schemas and tables of the data warehouse. Click on any table to preview the data from the table.

When writing SQL, type in keywords and Sigma will provide a list of autocomplete options helping you accurately fill in the correct table and column information.

To run your SQL query, click ‘Run’ or hit CTRL-Enter on a PC or CMD-Enter on a Mac.

When writing your query, you can still use the left hand menu to explore data tables. You can switch between the Table Preview and SQL results, letting you preview what columns you may want to use in joins.

You also have a history of the SQL queries you have run. Click ‘History’ in the left hand panel to see all of the SQL queries you’ve run against a particular connection.

Once you’ve completed your SQL query, you can choose to create a Worksheet based on the data returned by your query. You will then be able to use Sigma’s spreadsheet-like interface to further explore your data. Simply click the button that says ‘Create Worksheet’.

Mac ShortcutPC ShortcutCommand
CMD + EnterCTRL + EnterSubmit query for execution
CTRL + SpaceCTRL + SpaceOpen autocomplete
CMD + /CTRL + /Toggle commenting on or off for the highlighted line
CMD + LeftGo to the start of the line
TabTabIndent line
Shift + TabShift + TabIndent less
Shift + CTRL + KShift + CTRL + KDelete current line
CMD + LCTRL + LSelect line
CMD + CTRL + UpShift + CTRL + UpShift line up
CMD + CTRL + DownShift + CTRL + DownShift line down
CMD + JCTRL + JJoin Lines
Shift + CMD + DShift + CTRL + DDuplicate line
CMD + K CMD + KCTRL + K CTRL + KDelete the portion of the line to the right of the cursor
CMD + K CMD + deleteCTRL + K CTRL + BackspaceDelete the portion of the line to the left of the cursor
CMD + K CMD + UCTRL + K CTRL + UUpcase at cursor
CMD + K CMD + LCTRL + K CTRL + UDowncase at cursor

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