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Add Badges to a Worksheet

Admins can add badges to a worksheet to indicate that the Worksheet is ‘Endorsed’, has a ‘Warning’, or has been ‘Deprecated’. Team Admins can add badges to Worksheets within their team folder.

When adding a badge, you can also choose to add a note. Whether or not you add a note, clicking the badge will show who set the badge and when, helping add context to the endorsement.

Badges will show up at the top of worksheets, and be indicated by a colored bar in the left hand navigation menu. This makes it easy for people to find endorsed worksheets, or avoid Deprecated ones.

Set a Badge

  1. Navigate to the Worksheet.
  2. Click on the flag icon next to the Worksheet name.
  3. Choose which label to apply, ‘Endorsed’, ‘Warning’, or ‘Deprecated’.
  4. Add a note to indicate the reason for the label.
  5. Click Add.