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Sum the values in a column if all the conditions are true.


SumIf(<number>, <condition 1 True/False>...)

number (required) Column of numbers to add together. Null values are skipped.

condition 1 (required) Logical condition that returns a result that is either True or False. If the condition is True, the number on the corresponding row is added to the sum.

condition 1 (optional) Additional conditions can be added after the first condition.


Least([Date], Date("2018-04-12"))
  • Returns the value in [Date] if the date is before April 12, 2018, otherwise it returns April 12, 2018. It is testing for the date that occurs the furthest back.
Least([Profit 2016], [Profit 2017], [Profit 2018])
  • Returns the profit numbers for the year that was a least profitable.