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Splits the string with the given delimiter and returns the nth part.



string (required) The source string to be split.

delimiter (required) The string to split with.

position (required) The index of the part to return. When searching the string for the delimiter, the string is broken into parts each time the delimiter is found. These parts are numbered from left to right, starting with 1. Negative numbers for the index will start counting the index from the right.


SplitPart(“index1 index2 index3 index4″, ” “, 3)
  • Returns “index3”
SplitPart(“quick brown fox”, ” “, 1)
  • Returns “quick”
SplitPart(“quick brown fox”, ” “, -1)
  • Returns “fox”
  • A negative position starts counting the index from the right.

More About Text Functions

Text functions analyze or manipulate string data and are useful sanitizing string input.

When inputting a string, use quotation marks to indicate it as a string. “This is read as a string”

If you would like to include quotes in your string, you can use a slash \ to indicate the following quote is part of the string. “\”This is a string with quotes\”” will display as “This is a string with quotes”

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