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Returns the value following the first condition that is met.


If(<condition 1>, <value 1>, <condition 2>, <value 2>,...,<else>)

If Condition 1 is True, Value 1 is returned. If Condition 2 is True, Value 2 is returned. If all conditions are false, the Else value listed last in the function is applied.

condition 1 (required) Logical condition that returns a result that is either True or False. If the condition is True, the function returns the following value.

value 1 (required) The value to be returned if its preceding condition is True.

condition 2+, value 2+ (optional) Several <condition>, <value> pairs can be listed in a single function. Every supplied condition must have a corresponding value.

else (optional) The value to be returned if no conditionals evaluate as True. If no <else> condition is supplied, a Null result is returned when no conditions are met.


If([size] < 3, "small", [size] < 6, "medium", "large")
  • Assign “small” to sizes less than 3, “medium” to sizes less than 6, and “large” to all other sizes.
If([revenue] - [cost] > 0, "profit", "loss")
  • Categorize a record as a profit or a loss based on revenue and cost.

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Logical Functions

Logical functions test for True/False values. They evaluate a condition, and return a value based on whether the condition is True or False.