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Computes the bin for a value among the specified number of identically sized bins within the given bounds.


BinFixed(<value>, <min>, <max>, <bins>)

value (required): The value for which the bin is computed.

min (required): The lower bound. If <value> is less than <min>, the bin will be 0.

max (required): If <value> is greater that max, the bin will be <bins> +1.

bins (required): The number of bins within the interval <min>, <max>.


BinFixed([Days Since Signup], 0, 100, 10)

  • Will assign the values in the column [Days Since Sign Up] one of 12 bins. All numbers less than 0 will be in bin 0. All numbers 100 or greater will be in bin 11. All numbers between 0 and 100 will be assigned one of 10 equally sized bins.

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