June 2020

Ebook: How to Build a Data Literacy Program

Data literacy is no longer just a nice to have skill for business teams, it’s key to growth

In an age of increasing customer expectations, constant market vacillation, and rapidly evolving competition, the clarity and reassurance data provides is critical to running a successful business. Insight-driven companies are growing 8x faster than global GDP1.

But a language barrier between data and business experts prevents most organizations from leveraging data efficiently and surfacing transformative insights. A comprehensive data literacy program prepares everyone to participate in the data conversation, surface impactful insights, and drive exponential business growth.

This ebook provides the blueprints to build a data literacy program in any organization and provides specific ways data and domain experts can collaborate together effectively Download your free copy to learn:

  • 3 barriers to data literacy
  • 5 steps to building an effective data literacy program
  • Key action items to accomplish at each stage of growth
  • How to overcome the most common roadblocks

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Jon Avrach
Sr. Director, Solution Architecture & Evangelism at Sigma
Scott Hendrick
Director of Product Marketing at Sigma
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