February 2022

Data Forward: Analytics & Business Intelligence Trends in 2022

Data delivers value to today’s organizations in myriad ways, from fueling fact-based decision-making to expanding data-focused product offerings.

A mature data stack ecosystem provides the analytics community with an opportunity to erase 20-year-old paradigms that led to nothing but frustration and delayed business outcomes in favor of establishing new best practices for its ecosystem. And these practices will usher in a new era of data exploration, one that’s agnostic of technical skill sets and limited only by imagination.

The data and business intelligence (BI) ecosystem is constantly evolving, driven by the maturation of market leaders like Fivetran and Snowflake, Census and new entrants like dbt.

Get the comprehensive guide to find out more about the analytics & business intelligence trends in 2022. You’ll learn:

  • 8 predictions that Fivetran and Sigma expect to gain traction and come to the forefront in 2022
  • How the evolution of the BI ecosystem will change the way we think about data
  • Best practices catered to the most recent updates in the industry

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Jon Avrach
Sr. Director, Solution Architecture & Evangelism at Sigma
Scott Hendrick
Director of Product Marketing at Sigma
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