March 2021

Building A Modern Cloud Analytics Stack

Organizations today are investing in more applications and activities that generate a larger volume and variety of data than ever before. But harnessing the full value of this high-velocity data and turning it into actionable insights that drive business outcomes requires a new approach to analytics.

That’s why leading companies are bypassing traditional approaches to BI and reporting in favor of leveraging new technologies that accelerate time to insight and enable teams to do more with less. They’re growing their businesses and outpacing the competition by building modern cloud analytics stacks that empower everyone to harness data in advanced and unprecedented ways.

The modern cloud data analytics stack consists of three-layered technologies and cloud-based services that collect, store, and analyze data. Together, these tools allow everyone in the organization to unlock the full value of their data and fuel smarter decision-making — all while saving time, resources, and costs.

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  • How each layer of the cloud analytics stack works together to unlock the full value of data and fuel agile, data-driven decision-making.
  • Popular cloud-based analytics tools and essential features to consider for your stack.
  • How Payload’s modern analytics stack and saw immediate ROI including 11% increase in customer retention, 8% growth in average deal size, and more!

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Jon Avrach
Sr. Director, Solution Architecture & Evangelism at Sigma
Scott Hendrick
Director of Product Marketing at Sigma
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