June 2021

What’s Possible with Sigma: 8 Analytics Use Cases Customers Love

8 Analytics Use Cases
Customers Love

Cryptocurrency. COVID-19. Fast fashion. Digital transformation.

These are just a few of the latest events, trends, and movements changing the challenges and opportunities teams face on a daily basis.

The traditional, waterfall-style analytics workflow of the past doesn’t cut it for our new normal of continuous change and disruption. Today’s rapidly evolving markets require on-demand, data-driven decision making at all technical levels and across all departments — and companies that don’t adapt fast enough risk losing market share and their ability to compete.

The good news? A new breed of cloud-native tools has been developed to help everyone in the company navigate today’s challenges and take full advantage of tomorrow’s opportunities. And across industries and functions, leading businesses are using Sigma to reimagine what’s possible and modernize their data analytics workflows.

This playbook digs into 8 common yet complex and critical analytics use cases that Sigma transforms and our customers love most, including:

  • Supply chain optimization
  • Product performance and service efficiency
  • Marketing spend attribution
  • General ledger reconciliation

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Jon Avrach
Sr. Director, Solution Architecture & Evangelism at Sigma
Scott Hendrick
Director of Product Marketing at Sigma
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