Customer Stories

Hear how Sigma has positively impacted our customers' data literacy and bottom line.

Navis Improves Its Maritime Cargo Operations Management

To help modernize their data infrastructure, and help every person connect with the data they need, Navis has deployed Sigma across all its business units.

Volta Charging Harnesses Data to Power Electric Vehicles

Volta Charging turned to Sigma to close the gap between Volta’s data experts and their business experts.

Zumper Streamlines Its BI Process With Sigma

Sigma integrates into the workflow of teams across Zumper, helping them with everything from A/B testing to forecasting.

Olivela Weaves Social Good From Its Luxury Fashion Data

Olivela’s business experts can work intimately with the company’s data without knowing how to code and without learning new, proprietary, complex analytics interfaces.

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Michael Beckman
Sr. Product Manager

"Put an hour into Sigma and save 10 hours in the future.”

Dave McCandless
Chief Information Officer

"Sigma’s more than a BI tool. It’s a collaborate platform for your team and your data."

Mia Oppelstrup
BI Manager

"Jump in and explore your data.
See what kinds of insights
are there."

Woody Anderson
Chief Technology Officer

"I'm 5 years ahead of where I
thought I’d be with the data,
using Sigma."

See what Sigma can do for your company.