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Cloud BI & Analytics with Snowflake and Sigma Get the PDF

Snowflake and Sigma present a revolutionary new approach to analytics that changes the data conversation. Now, entire organizations can explore data, ask the tough questions, and share discoveries in real time.

This 10-page paper explores the common challenges solved by Sigma and Snowflake, and shares the ways modern companies can put these revolutionary technologies to work to unlock the full potential of cloud-native analytics. In-depth cloud BI topics include: 

  1. Data analytics & modeling that is accessible and collaborative
  2. Performance and multi-cluster architecture
  3. Usage based pricing, semi-structured data, and embedded analytics
  4. Data security & governance
  5. Connecting Snowflake with Sigma

We are rewriting the rules of analytics. Sigma empowers domain experts to join the data conversation, answer the toughest questions, and drive insights.