Snowflake and Sigma Partner Up on Seamless BI

Posted on
February 28, 2019

Get a spreadsheet-like interface to your Snowflake data warehouse in just a few clicks. With Partner Connect, Snowflake users can get started with Sigma without any friction. Start using Sigma’s spreadsheet interface to visually build analysis directly on your Snowflake data. All of your spreadsheet fans in marketing, security, finance and across your business can leverage all of the knowledge in your Snowflake data warehouse.

New and emerging cloud technologies make it possible to collect more data across a wider range of sources than ever before, but the challenge of turning raw data into competitive advantages for your business remains. One critical step is to establish a data store that enables you to unify all of the data you need. Another is to enable access to the data such that each person in your company can consume and analyze the data they know best. Setting up the infrastructure to connect those two steps can be an arduous process. Snowflake’s new Partner Connect makes it possible with just one click.

Once you’ve set up your data in Snowflake, you can seamlessly transition to viewing and analyzing your data with Sigma’s spreadsheet-like visual interface. With Partner Connect, your connection is configured automatically and Sigma inherits all your Snowflake users. Everyone in your organization can immediately start using Sigma to explore and analyze the data!

Sigma is purpose-built for the cloud data warehouse, with a particular focus on Snowflake features like modern semi-structured data support.  Within Sigma’s visual interface, you can explore and unravel your semi-structured data, creating new, first-class fields of data to analyze just like any other fields. You can aggregate, calculate, and illustrate to your heart’s content!  All without anyone writing any code.

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How Partner Connect Works

Log into your Snowflake instance, then navigate to the tab labeled ‘Partner Connect’. From there you can choose Sigma, and start loading your data in minutes.

Get started with Sigma today, and connect with your data like never before.

Posted on
February 28, 2019

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