Share and Embed BI Dashboards with Sigma

Data access continues to be a challenge for companies. Despite major investments in BI and analytics tools, 52% of employees report that they are unable to access the data they need to perform their job1. Those who do have access to data are often faced with stale dashboards or reports that are at least a week old. In today’s world, that simply isn’t good enough.

With Sigma, not only is your data always fresh, but it’s easy to share insights with those who need it. You can share your BI dashboards directly or embed visualizations wherever you need them—whether that’s in a private company portal, third-party application, or a public web page that’s available to anyone.

Read on to learn more about sharing your Sigma dashboards with coworkers, customers and partners, or visit our documentation for a step-by-step walkthrough.

Insights Where You Want Them

Once you’ve created a worksheet in Sigma and run your analysis, it’s easy to visualize your data in graphs, charts, or maps and create a BI dashboard to share with collaborators. You can also embed those dashboards in internal tools or public web pages using embed links. This makes it easy to get data in the hands of those who need it most.

Volta Charging embeds map charts of charging stations and usage activity in Notion—its internal wiki.

 Embed Dashboards Privately to Keep Your Data Secure

To embed your private dashboard, simply append the URL with the embed tag to make it easy to display a dashboard on a screen or in an iframe. Private dashboards require users to log into Sigma to access the data.

Embed Sigma dashboards in external apps like Salesforce to make insights more accessible to your team.

 Embed Dashboards Publicly to Share Data Anywhere

Sigma Admins can quickly create a link to a public dashboard or an individual charts within that dashboard. Public links make it easy for anyone to access your data. Admins can share a link directly or embed the public dashboard in an iframe.

Learn more about embedding public and private dashboards by reading our how-to documentation.

Ready to start visualizing data and share insights? Give Sigma a try.


1. Computing Curiosity Gap Study, Researchscape 2018