March Product Update Round-Up

Sigma adds embedded dashboards, drill-down charts, map charts, and more.

If you’re not already using some of the latest features to hit Sigma last month, you will be by the end of this blog post. In March, we checked off several top feature requests from customer wish lists.

Read on to learn more about improved sharing, embedded dashboards, drill-down charts, maps, and row-level security.

Dashboards Get Some Love

  • Sharing your analysis just got easier. Sigma admins can now create public share links for dashboards and dashboard components. You can share the link directly or embed charts or dashboards anywhere. Learn how
  • Get closer to your data. Dashboard charts can be maximized for easier viewing in full screen mode.

 Even More Charts

  • Ever wished you could just click into a chart to get a different view into your data? Now you can with Drill-Down Charts.
  • Visualize geographic trends with Sigma’s new Map Charts. Map points using latitude and longitude or areas defined by GeoJSON in seconds.

 User-Based Permissions

  • Secure your data and make dashboards more relevant with Dashboard Row-Level Security. You can now restrict access to dashboard data based on the viewer’s email or team membership, or filter data and provide user-specific insights.
  • Sigma’s Schedule Manager can be set up to run with the recipient’s access levels. Email dashboard reports that maintain row level security.

 Other Updates

  • Column search is here! Search all of the columns in your worksheet to quickly find the one you are looking for.
  • Search has come to setting pages. You can now search your users and teams, letting you quickly find the user you are looking for.
  • Connect via SSH. You can now enable connecting via SSH for your PostGres and Redshift servers.

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