How to Make the Most Out of Snowflake Summit 2021

Daniel Codella

Data Evangelist, Sigma

It’s an event that everyone in the cloud data space looks forward to each year, Snowflake Summit. The event went virtual last year due to the pandemic, but that didn’t dampen the buzz one bit. Snowflake Summit 2020 was a half-day conference packed with 40 sessions featuring more than 25 Snowflake executives, partners, and customers. This year’s virtual summit promises to be even bigger than last year’s event — more sessions, more people, and more exciting announcements!

Now spanning two days, Snowflake Summit 2021 will give all 50,000 attendees the opportunity to learn and get inspired by 72 sessions.

Snowflake Summit 2021 Key Dates and Times

  • AMERICAS: June 8-9 | 9 am PT | 12 pm ET
  • APAC: June 9-10 | 10 am AEST | 9 am JST
  • EMEA: June 9-10 | 9 am BST | 10 am CEST | 1.30 pm IST

We’ve compiled this helpful guide to help you identify the most valuable sessions, pay better attention, and get the most out of this virtual event.

3 Sessions You Can’t Miss

When: AMERICAS — Tuesday, June 8th 11:45 AM — 12:15 PM PDT (30 Min)

Who: Julie Lemieux – VP of UX, Design, and Research, Sigma Computing, Inc.

Michael Bell – Sr. Director, Data Science and Analytics, Agero, Inc.

Why: From delivering data-driven experiences to better decision-making and monetization, Embedded Analytics offers opportunities to unlock the value of the Data Cloud for partners, customers, and external stakeholders throughout your ecosystem. In this session, Agero’s Sr. Director of Data Science and Analytics, Michael Bell, and Sigma’s VP of UX, Design, and Research, Julie Lemieux, will discuss tips for migrating a client-facing Embedded Analytics application to Sigma along with best practices that will fast-track the deployment process, and a demo of just how quick and easy Embedded Analytics can be with Sigma and Snowflake.

2. Personalizing Customer Experiences at Data-Obsessed Companies

When: AMERICAS — Tuesday, June 8th 10:45 AM — 11:15 AM PDT (30 Min)

Who: Andy Burke – Assoc. Director, Analytics COE, Kraft Heinz Company

Anuj Dhanda – EVP & CIO, Albertsons Companies

Dustin Pearce – Vice President of Infrastructure, Instacart

Rosemary Hua – Global Head of Retail & CPG, Snowflake

Why: From personalizing the customer journey to making programmatic optimizations for supply chains and service deliveries, data-driven companies are leading the way in harnessing data to delight their customers and boost their bottom line. In this session, you’ll learn monetize your data to create new revenue streams, deliver personalized omni-channel customer experiences, and redefine collaboration with live, seamless data sharing. 

3. The Snowflake Startup Challenge – Grand Finale

When: AMERICAS — Wednesday, June 9th 9:30 AM — 10:30 AM PDT (60 Min)

Who: Benoit Dageville – Co-Founder & President of Products, Snowflake

Carl Eschenbach – Sequoia Capital

Denise Persson – Chief Marketing Officer, Snowflake

Felipe Hoffa – Data Cloud Advocate, Snowflake

Mike Speiser – Managing Director, Sutter Hill Ventures

Why: In what is sure to be one of the most exciting sessions of Summit, three startups will be making their live pitch to a panel of industry veterans to secure $250,000 in funding from Snowflake Ventures. Hundreds of early-stage startups from 56 countries who built their applications on Snowflake competed for a chance to win. Join this session to watch the the grand-prize winner announced on the spot.

9 Ways to Get the Most Out of a Virtual Event

Although they are similar in structure and format, getting the most out of a virtual event requires a little more effort than a traditional conference. Here are a few tips and tricks that will help you pay better attention, walk away with deeper insights, and connect with both attendees and presenters so you can get the most value out of the event.

  1. Block off your calendar and mute your notifications. Minimize distractions in advance so you can focus your full attention on the event.
  2. Review sessions beforehand and select the ones you want to see. With 72 sessions to choose from, you’ll want to review the agenda to pick the ones you can’t miss.
  3. Familiarize yourself with the platform early. According to the Summit’s FAQ page, details about the platform will be sent to registered attendees as the event draws closer. Keep an eye out for that email!
  4. Take notes and review them each day. Some of the biggest and brightest names in the industry will be sharing their expertise and insights over the two days of the summit, have your notepad ready!
  5. Stretch. Sitting in front of a computer all day can cause aches and pains in your neck, back, and shoulders so be sure to take a few minutes each hour to stretch. Your body will thank you for it.
  6. Network! The value conferences provide doesn’t just lie in the sessions themselves, it’s also in the people they bring together. Reach out to your favorite speakers, sponsors and fellow attendees through social media and the live chat in the expo hall.
  7. Try the new products and updates. This is what the conference is all about — new developments in the cloud. Be sure to take time out to try the exciting new products, features, and updates mentioned at the event.
  8. Don’t forget to eat. Virtual events can be just as exhausting as live events, so don’t neglect taking care of yourself. Start your day with a nutritious breakfast, take some time out for lunch and be sure to keep some snacks nearby!
  9. Create a shortlist of the vendors you’d like to chat with. They’re only available live for a few hours each day so plan ahead! Check out the partner list here.

How to Navigate the Snowflake Summit Expo hall

The virtual expo hall is your chance to learn about new products and services from Snowflake partners and chat with them in real-time. Fortunately, it’s nice and tidy this year.

Click “partners” in the event platform and then select the logo of the company you’d like to learn more about.

Be sure to visit the Sigma booth to chat with the team, learn about new updates and features, snag some swag, and enter some giveaways.

5 Must-have Items for your Virtual Event Survival Kit

Think that all you need to get the most out of Snowflake Summit is a laptop and an internet connection? Think again. Here are a few must-have items you should acquire in advance to ensure you’ll be able to comfortably soak in every minute of the event:

  1. Blue Light Glasses.
    Staring at a computer monitor for hours on end can cause eyestrain and headaches if you don’t take proper precautions. Blue light blocking glasses have specialized lenses that block or filter out the harmful blue light and can mitigate the effects of staring at screens and make the experience more comfortable.
  2. Water.
    Most of us are not drinking as much water as we should each day. It’s even easier to lose track of our water intake when we’re having fun. Be sure to keep a water bottle or flask nearby and take a few gulps every hour to stay hydrated. Your body will thank you.
  3. Good headphones.
    A great pair of headphones not only make it easier to hear every word spoken by the presenters, they can block out outside noise and distraction so you can benefit from each session. Look for noise cancelling technology and large, comfy ear cups — you’ll have them on for a few hours each day.
  4. Notepad.
    Sure, it may be more convenient to take notes on your computer, but there’s incredible benefits to the good ol’ fashioned paper and pen. According to a study by Princeton University and UCLA, students who write out their notes by hand actually learn more than those to type their notes on computers.
  5. Snacks.
    An ill-timed snack break may just cause you to miss out on the nugget of wisdom that makes the whole conference worth it for you. To prevent missing out, have a few of your favorite snacks within arm’s reach.

Hungry for more?

Snowflake’s Data Together Now Summit isn’t the only opportunity you’ll have to rub elbows with the Sigma team. Connect with us at our roadshow coming to six cities across the country. Plan to dine at some of the best restaurants and enjoy yourself outdoors on private patios as you hear from guest speakers about the future of cloud analytics.

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All Together Now

This is just the tip of the iceberg of what Snowflake’s Data Together Now Summit has to offer. Visit our page below to learn more about the event, our six city roadshow and (most importantly!) register for Snowflake Summit now. We hope to see you there!