We’re starting 2019 with a big release that we think everyone will love: new and improved charts. With three new chart types, new formatting options, and new axes options, graphing your data has never been more flexible. Check out the new charts by going to the charting tab on any worksheet.

Visualizing your data is an important tool in data analysis. It’s an easy way to aggregate your data and spot trends, showing you where you should dig deeper into analysis. Our new update is focused on making this type of visual exploration even easier.

Pie and Donut Charts

Sometimes you just need a donut. You can now visualize your data in pie and donut charts using Sigma.

Set the values you’d like to display on your pie or donut chart, then use the color field to set the categories you’d like the values divided into. You can use the value field to aggregate your data, or have the data pre-aggregated.

Learn more about how to create a pie or donut chart

Grouped Bar Graph

Show your data side by side to easily compare performance across categories. Add a value measure to your charts, then use the color field to turn a single bar into multiple bars divided by a specific field.

Learn more about how to create a grouped or stacked bar chart

Switch Between Chart Types

Quickly swap between different chart types to find the chart that best shows your data. Quickly see different views of your data in aggregate so you know where you should dig in with your analysis.

Other Great New Options