Bold by Design: Sigma gets a new look

Anne Marie Jasinowski

Art Director, Sigma

As an early-stage startup closing in on our first year in the market, we’re ready to take things to the next level. The desire to evolve translated into shedding our old skin for a fresh new look and feel. The goal was to maintain some recognizable core brand elements—the name and the crane brandmark—while modernizing the overall brand system and injecting a big dose of bold energy.



Through the creative process we unearthed some key discoveries about our audience, product, and the personality we want to portray. To get there, we surveyed key customers and worked closely with the internal Sigma team along the way. One of the most important things discovered was Sigma’s purpose to empower people (to be both remarkable and successful) had to be reinforced in a visual way through our brand expression. 

We aspire to be more consumer-focused—aspirational even. B2B software that is more approachable and far less traditional than what people have come to expect from an analytics product.

Rob Woollen

Co-Founder of Sigma

At Sigma, we believe that people are intelligent, curious, and capable of using data to change the way the world works. But for too long analytics technology has held them back from achieving their goals. Sigma exists to empower people to find answers to business problems before they become questions. Our product eliminates the archaic analytics and business intelligence ivory tower, putting domain experts in the driver’s seat to find answers on their own.

A big splash of color— sailing beyond a sea of blue

Our first stop: colors. We looked inward and conducted exercises with the team to determine our brand personality. We still wanted to showcase our smart and curious nature, as these are fundamental characteristics of Sigma and our customers. But simultaneously, we sought to elevate additional personality traits—passionate, bold, inclusive, and what we like to call ‘quirky-cool.’

An understanding of our desired personality helped drive our new color palette exploration. One insight that fueled it was the knowledge that our founders, Rob and Jason, wanted to position the brand to have a fun, covetable consumer look.

The color palette reflected just that—bolder and trendier colors such as a vibrant pink, mint green, crimson, and chartreuse. The palette was intentionally balanced by the seriousness of a denim-esque navy blue, which is friendlier than black and like all darker blues has a “you can trust us” feeling. Overall, our new palette allowed us to create some bold and unexpected color pairings.

An illustration system to express the data nerd in us all

A main objective for this refresh was to move away from not just stock photography but photography all together. So we created a set of unique illustrations as the visual foundation of this brand system. The idea is the characters embody our customers and their data aspirations. These characters should be empowering in nature, and for visual continuity have to resemble the fractured tangram of our existing crane symbol in our logo.

With all of this in mind, the data queen, the data nerd, and the data rockstar were born. Each character has its own data superpower that is expressed by how they interact with the data elements surrounding them. The characters come together to tell a bigger story in scenes that align with Sigma’s brand pillars, and communicate ideas like “data is a team sport.”

The characters are all about embracing your inner nerd, no matter who you are. To us, they represent something we hope our community embraces and connects with in a lovable way Who doesn’t smile when they see a rockstar with tattoos of Sigma’s logo and a queen riding a unicorn?

Blanka Supe

Head of Demand Generation Marketing

We also designed graphic textures that are bursts of abstracted data shapes to create movement and energy across both print and web. What is nice about these elements is they feel unexpected in a playful way—a visual element you might not anticipate from a software product in the analytics space.

Data Nerd

The team player that leads with curiosity, embraces analytics, and brings new insights to their business domain. You can always find the data nerd carrying a backpack full of data insights wherever they go.

Data Rockstar

The visionary data leader who looks at the big picture, keeps things glued together, and embraces innovation. When they aren’t data-ing, you’ll find them center stage jamming out with a guitar.

Data Queen

The shining light that guides and inspires others in their data journey, isn’t afraid to break barriers, and loves what they do. Always seen with their unicorn nearby—because what’s a queen without a unicorn?

Illustrating Sigma’s simple yet powerful design

For illustration to be at the center stage of our brand, we decided to design minimal UI illustrations that simplify and showcase the top functionality of Sigma’s product. This is coupled with iconography that helps communicate the product’s unique features (such as our formula bar, a spreadsheet interface, and visual SQL workflow).

It’s important to mention that one of our design fundamentals is to honor whitespace—an important principle that allows all parts of our new visual language to have its rightful moment.

It was a team effort across our company and our community of data nerds to bring our core ideas and principles to life through design. We feel this new brand is a more authentic representation of the waves Sigma brings to analytics, and the people that use our product each day. We hope you find our new brand as exciting and bold as Sigma itself.

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