5 Reasons to Invest in a Cloud-First BI Stack

Cloud adoption has come in waves. And it looks like the hybrid cloud wave is finally crashing on shore. A recent report by TDWI Research found that 41% of companies expect to migrate to cloud data warehouses in the future as they aim to take full advantage of the cloud’s flexibility, implement better data policies, and enable their organizations with self-service analytics solutions.

A move towards a fully-managed cloud solution makes sense at this stage. Why? The cloud-first data stack is finally reaching maturity, and the constraints of on-prem solutions hold back growing companies as they look to data to make smarter business decisions.


of companies expect to migrate to cloud data warehouses in the future.

Last week, we hosted a webinar with Snowflake and luxury fashion platform Olivela, exploring the many reasons why moving to a cloud data warehouse and cloud-native analytics solution is the right move for a growing company. So why is it time to say goodbye to the legacy BI and on-prem data solutions? Read on for our top five reasons to consider a cloud-first approach to data and analytics.

 Create a Better Experience for Customers

Customers are the lifeblood of any growing company. But monitoring customer behavior and tailoring your product or services to meet customer demands can be challenging without access to real-time insights. That’s where cloud-native analytics come in. Built on top of your cloud data warehouse, a cloud-native analytics solution helps your entire team monitor real-time customer behavior with data on every click, interaction, or purchase. Understand where your customers come from, what they want, and how you can reduce friction throughout their journey.

You can use your data warehouse to develop the customer experience by better understanding how customers interact with your business.

Ross Perez

Senior Director of Marketing, Snowflake

 Save on Maintenance and Overhead Costs

Today’s cloud data warehouses and cloud-first applications offer a nimbleness and flexibility that is truly unique. More data storage, more users, and new integrations can all happen with a click. There’s no infrastructure to provision, build, and maintain—so you can focus on higher-value tasks and enable teams instead. The cloud moves at the speed of your business, giving you a fully-managed elastic solution that benefits the whole company.

Snowflake and Sigma are completely usage based…which meant our monthly costs were very low.

Dominic Go

Director of Analytics at Olivela

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 Proactively Use Data to Improve Quality Assurance

Do you know what your customers are saying about your company? More importantly, can your customer support (CS) spot the warning signs of issues as they arise? With access to your data warehouse, CS teams can proactively address problems today—not next week—and put out fires before they spread. They shouldn’t be using last month’s data to solve tomorrow’s problems. Give them the access they need to improve QA and make customers happy. A true self-service analytics solution opens up these possibilities and puts them in a proactive position, instead of reacting after an issue flares up.

 Operate More Efficiently with Self-Service Analytics

Companies always seek to reduce the cost of doing business. With data access, ops teams can identify areas for improvement in minutes without having to wait on the data team to run queries for them.

Empower them to answer questions with self-service analytics and stop relying on outdated data and stale dashboards. See where you may be able to boost your bottom line or improve margins with actionable insights from every corner of your business. There is no reason to keep ops teams in the dark any longer.

 Respond to Emerging Trends

Today’s market leaders tend to have one thing in common: the ability to spot market trends before their competitors. And you can’t stay on top of emerging market trends—or capitalize on them—without a data analytics solution that gives real-time insight into customer behaviors and preferences.

With more and more companies relying on semi-structured data like JSON to provide customer insights, you’ll need both a cloud data warehouse like Snowflake and a modern BI solution that supports this type of data. So plan to invest in solutions built for the cloud to ensure your team is in the know and ready to jump when opportunity strikes.

Data Lives in the Cloud. Shouldn’t Your Analytics?

More data is moving to the cloud every day. If you’re part of a growing company looking to take advantage of data in the modern era, then it’s time to invest in an analytics solution built for the cloud. Learn how Sigma’s intuitive spreadsheet interface for your cloud data warehouse can change the way your company approaches data by signing up for a free trial or watching our most recent webinar.

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