Sigma’s vision is to create an insight-driven world where people, organizations, and, ultimately, humanity are transformed for the better by data.

Leadership Team

sigma computing co-founder and ceo rob woollen sitting in chair against green background headshot

Inspired by: Driving the collaborative analytics movement

Past adventures: Salesforce, BEA Systems, Hewlett Packard

“The only person you are destined to become is the person you decide to be.”
— Ralph Waldo Emerson

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Rob Woollen

sigma computing co-founder and cto jason frantz sitting in chair against green background headshot

Inspired by: Bringing the power of SQL to the masses

Past adventures: MapR Technologies, Clustrix, Agami Systems

“In a way, we’re all Internet Explorers.”
— Unknown

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Jason Frantz

sigma computing vp of engineering latha colby sitting in chair against green background headshot

Inspired by: Building easy-to-use cloud data technology

Past adventures: Workday, Platfora, ParAccel

“What makes us human, I think, is our ability to ask questions.”
— Jane Goodall

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Latha Colby

VP of Engineering
sigma computing vp of marketing cristina bravo olmo sitting in chair against green background headshot

Inspired by: Creating future-focused brands that customers love

Past adventures: Zendesk, Marketo, Trend Micro, Wrike

“Even the genius asks questions.”
— Tupac Shakur

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Cristina Bravo Olmo

VP of Marketing
sigma computing vp of sales mike gerardi sitting in chain against green background headshot

Inspired by: Developing passionate, high-performance sales teams

Past adventures: Snowflake, Aria Systems, SAP

“It ain’t about how hard ya hit. It’s about how hard you can get hit and keep moving forward.”
— Rocky Balboa

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Mike Gerardi

VP of Sales
sigma computing vp of user experience and design julie lemieux sitting in chair against green background headshot

Inspired by: Delivering empathy-driven user experiences

Past adventures: Databricks, SAP, Netsuite

“You can’t use up creativity. The more you use, the more you have.”
— Maya Angelou

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Julie Lemieux

VP of User Experience & Design
sigma computing team polaroid photos hung on white wall in san francisco headquarterssigma computing employees work together on laptop in san francisco headquarters while sitting on brown couchsigma computing employees stand in kitchen at san francisco headquarters eating food and talkingsigma computing employee sits at conference table in san francisco headquarters working on laptop with skyline behind themsigma computing employees work together on tablets sitting on couches in San Francisco headquarters

Board of Directors

sigma computing board member mike spieser headshot black and white

Managing Director at Sutter Hill Ventures who has served as founding CEO and/or a board member for Snowflake Computing, Sumo Logic, Clumio, Lacework, and Pure Storage.

Mike Speiser

sigma computing board member scott dietzen headshot white background

Four-time successful entrepreneur with Pure Storage, WebLogic, Zimbra, and Transarc who served as CEO of Pure Storage from pre-revenue to successful IPO.

Scott Dietzen

sigma computing board member kevin wang headshot with natural background

Board member for Snowflake Computing and Partner at Altimeter Capital who has led successful private investments in companies including HubSpot, Okta, and MongoDB.

Kevin Wang

sigma computing board member john mcmahon headshot with grey background

Served on the board of directors or as an executive consultant for Snowflake Computing, AppDynamics, HubSpot, Glassdoor, Sprinklr, Cybereason, and Sumo Logic.

John McMahon

Our Investors

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